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Maintenance Oilfield Mechanic / Millwright

Job Title: Maintenance Oilfield Mechanic/Millwright Job Category: Craft Worker
Department/Group: Operations Position Type: Full-Time
Location: North Dakota Date posted: August 25, 2015
Job Description
Roles and ResponsibilitiesWhile not all inclusive, the following is a list of tasks to be performed and or coordinated:

  1. General oil field corrective and preventative maintenance of pumps, vapor recovery units, multi-phase separators, heater treaters, pumping units, compressors (gas/air)
  2. Align machines and equipment, using hoists, jacks, hand tools, squares, rules, micrometers, and plumb bobs
  3. Connect power unit to machines or equipment, and test unit to evaluate its mechanical operation
  4. Properly install rotating equipment
  5. Rebuild all rotating equipment back to original equipment manufacturers standards and specification
  6. Align shafts to the accepted industry standards, using dial indicators or laser alignment
  7. Diagnose and correct rotating equipment
  8. Perform duties of a welder and/or pipefitter such as cutting/threading and structural welding
  9. Transport or maneuver equipment as necessary
  10. Operate man lift or ladder to complete task at appropriate heights
  11. Coordinate with production teams to insure proper Lock Out/Tag Out of energy sources as required
  12. Obtain Safe Work and other required permits before beginning work
  13. Analyze problems to determine all material needed to correct problem and complete corrective task
  14. Assemble and install equipment, using proper hand tools and power tools
  15. Insert shims, adjust tension on nuts and bolts, or position parts, using hand tools and measuring instruments, to set specified clearances between moving and stationary parts
  16. Work safely at all times, following all applicable safety policies and procedures

Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • Computer / Office Skills
  • 5 Years Experience

Preferred Skills

  • Mechanical Skills: Use a wide variety of tools, from hammers and wrenches to blowtorches, forklifts and more. Mechanical aptitude is needed
  • Strength: Lift heavy objects, physically manipulate objects with tools
  • Technical Skills: Read blueprints and other technical documents to put machinery together
  • Troubleshooting Skills: Must be able to follow a problem to the source and solve the issue
  • Bilingual

Pre-Employment Requirements

All candidates must pass a pre employment physical examination, drug / alcohol screen, hold a valid driver’s license, pass a motor vehicle record check and be insurable through KSI’s insurance carrier, criminal background check and E-verify as a condition of successful consideration for employment.

Physical Requirements

Must be able to lift 50 lbs. and work in harsh weather for long periods of time. Depending on the phase of the job, all personnel are required to work in conditions where physical demands can consist of placing one’s body in various positions to inspect and to accomplish certain tasks such as:

  • Sitting
  • Standing
  • Squatting
  • Raising and Lowering objects from one level to another
  • Carrying objects, usually holding it in the hands or arms, or on the shoulder
  • Grasping objects with the use of fingers, palm and wrists to hold/and or manipulate objects (hammers, saws, pencils, pens etc,)
  • Pulling ie. Exerting force upon an object so that the object moves toward the force (includes jerking)
  • Pushing ie. Exerting force upon an object so that the object moves away from the force (includes slapping, striking, kicking and treadle actions)
  • Bending at the waist, stooping, working in a supine position, twisting seated or standing

Some of these physical requirements will range from seldom, frequent to constant depending on the task.

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