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Heavy Equipment Operator-ND

Job Title: Equipment Operator Job Category: Craft Worker
Department/Group: Operations Position Type: Full Time
Location: North Dakota
Job Description
Position Purpose

Operates a variety of equipment including;batwing mower, tractor, scraper, forklift, bobcat, backhoe, motor grader, excavator, front end loader, side boom, semi-tractor with trailer, bottom dump, water truck.


Essential Roles and Responsibilities:     

  1. Attend regularly scheduled work days
  2. Be on time and prepared for work everyday including proper PPE


  1. Have appropriate licenses and certifications to operate the equipment being used.


  1. Prepare pre-shift vehicle inspection
    1. Before leaving the yard, is responsible for properly filling out the pre-shift vehicle inspection
      1. Understand the piece of equipment
      2. Check all fluids/tires/lights and all signals as listed on pre-shift.
      3. Develop JSA for job.
      4. Participate in developing JSA on job sites when working on locations with crews.
  • Help identify hazards on job site
  1. Participate in safe work, behavioral safety audits & near hits
  2. Be able to understand oral and written communication
  3. Be aware of the dangers associated with hazardous atmospheres


  1. Gather appropriate job permits
  2. The permits must be filled out correctly and have the appropriate information and signatures for the specific job


  1. Perform tasks assigned by Crew Lead or Foreman
  2. Operate equipment in a safe and efficient manner
  3. Responsible to load and unload material
  4. Lifting of various sizes and weights of pipe

iii. Removing & setting electrical transformers & shoring boxes

  1. Digging and back filling various types of ditches & trench’s
  2. Shoot elevations with eye level


  1. Test the job site for immediate respiratory dangers
  1. Test for H2S or oxygen deficient atmospheres
    1. Know how to read a monitor


  1. Perform monthly tool audits
  1. Ensure compliance of equipment (vehicle registration/fire extinguisher)


  1. Follow all KS Industries, LP safety policies, and procedures
  2. Develop a general knowledge of KSI PPM-SOPs
  3. Frequently refer to the SOP Manual


  1. Follow all Customer policies and procedures


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • B-Best observer trained
  • Ability to communicate with employees and various business contacts in a professional and courteous manner
  • Knowledge of Lock Out/Tag Out process
  • Ability to read and write
  • How to use Gas Monitors
  • Knowledge of rigging and binding equipment & loads
  • How to use load charts


Working Conditions:  The locations vary from site to site however, the majority of the work is construction based working in the fields.  The walking and working surfaces vary depending on the terrain, from flat to extreme slopes, to hillsides and mountainsides.  Walking and working on various terrains and in various soil conditions from hard dirt or rocky surfaces to frozen, snowy, wet, and slippery conditions.  Most of the work will be subjected to the ambient weather and outdoor conditions.  Some equipment may be equipped with an enclosed cab that has air conditioning and heating systems.  Some are equipped with open cabs.

Machines, Tools, Equipment and Work Aids:  Employee will be working with various tools and equipment used in the oil and gas energy sector including; pipe and hand wrenches, hammers, shovels, and gas monitors.

Work Hours:  Normally, an employee will work 40+ hours per week depending on the factors such as weather and schedules:  While work schedules and hours may vary somewhat depending on specific client locations and projects.  In general, applicable work schedules include 5 – 8’s, 9/80 and 4-10’s.  Work hours typically begin at 6:30 a.m. and finishing around 4:00 p.m.  One half hour lunch and two, 10-minute breaks (morning and afternoon). Overtime may be required as job dictates.

Physical  Requirements:  Must be able to lift 50 lbs.  Depending on the phase of the job, all personnel are required to work in conditions where physical demands can consist of placing one’s body in various positions to inspect and to accomplish certain tasks such as, full range of motion in arms and legs, bending at the waist, stooping, working in a supine position, twisting.  Some of these physical requirements will range from seldom, frequent to constant depending on the task at hand.

Pre-Employment Requirements:   All candidates must pass a pre employment physical examination and drug / alcohol screen as a condition of successful consideration for employment.  Failure to do so will result in the candidate being disqualified from further consideration.

The candidate must also possess a current and valid driver’s license and be insurable through KSI’s insurance carrier.

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