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Crane Operator ND

June 26, 2017

Job Summary

Responsible for operating a stationary or traveling crane to lift, move, position, and reposition loads. Depresses buttons, lifts levers, and ensures load is safely attached to crane before bringing it down.

Primary responsibilities

  • Operate crane under general supervision.
  • Manipulate or depress cane controls to regulate speed and direction of crane and hoist movement according to written, verbal, or signal instructions.
  • Inspect crane for safety issues on a daily basis.
  • Determine if any parts are malfunctioning.
  • Complete job tickets, service quality summaries, and all other necessary paperwork.
  • Lift, position and place machinery, equipment or other large objects at construction sites and industrial facilities.
  • Drive trucks to work sites and unload trucks.
  • Place blocks and outriggers to prevent capsizing when lifting heavy loads.
  • Move levers and pedals to rotate crane on chassis to raise and lower crane boom and to raise and lower load-line.
  • Work with in precise limits and standards of accuracy.
  • Operate crane according to signals from helper.
  • Start and stop crane engine.
  • Follow directions carefully.
  • Perform all job duties with no restriction
  • Maintain all paper work and permits in an organized and up to date manner
  • Know where to find weight of loads which will be hauled be it pie, valves, fittings, motors or pumps
  • Pass written exam on crane operations
  • Demonstrate EE can competently drive a crane with no issues
  • make judgment calls when safety issues arise
  • explain systems function and direction of flow
  • trouble shoot systems
  • identify the type of production that goes through the system being worked on

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